Spira GIDI

In Spira GIDI is where we create methodologies and platforms for sharing the knowledge generated around Cultural Heritage.

DLBP Projects

Heritage Based Local Development Projects designed and managed by Spira.
Spira designed and promotes two long-term projects in which cultural heritage plays a strategic role in the development of a particular territory. These projects are designed with two dimensions: on one hand, as laboratories for experimentation, evaluation and theorization on cultural heritage work methodologies; and on the other hand, simultaneously, as a source for commercialization to the public of the products created within the projects.


Projects developed for public and private entities.


Industry communication platforms created and managed by Spira.


Spira seeks to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the Cultural Heritage area. Therefore, it has developed formal and informal training mechanisms in the field of Cultural Heritage Management: we seek to empower professionals already working, or those about to enter the job market, with fundamental tools for the proper use of the economic and social potential that Cultural Heritage holds within.

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