A Spira project

The “Arts & Crafts Heritage” from Alentejo” project promoted by Spira is the second heritage based local development project launched by the company, 21 years after Rota do Fresco.

Started in 2020, the project is based on the repository of the region’s know-how, seeking not only to bring more market opportunities to the pieces produced, to contribute to the introduction of new design in the work usually undertaken, as well as to promote other forms of commercialization of pieces, more modern and international.

In fact, the “Arts & Crafts Heritage” in question are sometimes no longer relevant for the purpose for which they were designed: in order to inscribe themselves in the present, they have to gain a new clothing of attractiveness, based on the work with the materials, on the artistic and aesthetic dimension of the pieces, on the possibility of creating a new design and, consequently, a new functionality, or even just be the source of affective memories that we want to preserve.

Considering that “Arts & Crafts Heritage” are, above all, people – both those who master the craft and those who benefit from the result from it – the project began with a mapping of active artisans in the municipalities of Viana do Alentejo, Portel, Cuba, the parish of Vila de Frades in the municipality of Vidigueira and the parishes of São Cristóvão and Santiago do Escoural in Montemor-o-Novo.

The project is now moving on to the dimension of selling a selection of these products in stores, as well as programming workshops associated with some of these artisans.

Alice Candeias


Feliciano António Branco Agostinho


Maria Luisa Alves


Ermelinda Abelha


Francisco Alentado


Mário João Grilo


Etelvina Santos

Pintura Decorativa Alentejana

Joaquim Canivete


Rodrigo Sim Sim

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