Spira believes that good communication in the cultural heritage field is a determining condition for bringing more people closer to this collective asset. The valorization of the professionals that work in the sector, as well as the spreading of the backstage of this area of action also contributes greatly for the common citizen to look at this common heritage in a different way.

As a result of this conviction, Spira has created three structuring actions in the field of Cultural Heritage communication: the communication platform of the sector; the awards for the sector’s professionals and institutions; and the event celebrating the sector.

Awards Patrimonio.pt
AR&PA – Bienal Ibérica do Património Cultural

Na Primavera de 2024, o site da Spira regressa já com a nova organização
das nossas áreas de trabalho: conheça já quais são …

Usufruir do Património, no Alentejo, para todos

Celebrar de forma colectiva o Património

Estudar, criar e desenvolver projectos
de revitalização do Património

Formação, Premiação e Divulgação do Património

Aproximar as pessoas
do Património

Primeiro Prémio (2018)

Prémio Nacional de Turismo (2021)

Segundo Prémio (2023)

Finalista Prémio Nacional de Turismo (2023)

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